Each dog commission is a unique painting undertaken at the owner’s request. Simply fill in the form below to immortalise your family’s best friend in a beautiful and unique painting.


To commission a portrait of a dog you will need to send me some good quality photographs so I can capture your dogs personality!

I use best quality Daler Rowney deep edge canvases, which means the paintings are ready to hang, once complete.  However, if you require your painting to be framed, I can arrange this – all of my portrait framing is done by the fabulous Danielle at The Framing Table, based at Studio Souk, Castle Lane, Belfast.

To paint the portrait, I will need a good head shot still image and information on the size you would like. Have a think what size you would like. This could depend on whether you want your dog to fill the frame or a more unusual composition. If you are not sure I can advise depending on the possibilities from the photos of your dog.

Do you want included any personalised collars,tags etc. Is there a background colour you would prefer for the dog painting? If you are not sure I can advise what would compliment your dog’s colour. I will send you details outlining all this information including price. I’ll then require a small deposit to get started.


Usually under a month, dependent on my workload.  However, let me know if you need the painting quicker, perhaps for a special occasion, and I will fit you in!  No pooch will be left out!

Prices start at £195 and change according to size and number of dogs on the canvas.

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Ready to order a Dog Portrait?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Step 1

PICK YOUR CANVAS SIZE – Canvases come in most sizes.  When choosing your canvas size you should bear in mind things such as the pose you would like your dog to have in the painting and where the painting is going to be hung.  To give you an idea, the smallest size I use is 50cm x 50cm; my most popular size is 90cm x 90cm.  I can, of course, give you guidance on canvas size, once I see the images of your pooch! Also let me know if you want the painting framed by Studio Souk.

Step 2

TELL ME ABOUT ANY ‘DOGGY ACCESSORIES’ – Does your dog have a particular collar / tag / scarf / bandanna you would like included in your painting?  If so, make sure your images show that accessory clearly and let me know that you want it included in your painting.

Step 3

PICK A BACKGROUND COLOUR – most paintings work best with a neutral coloured background.  However, if the painting is for a particular room, I can add shades of the colour scheme of your room into the background of the painting, to ensure the painting fits seamlessly into its new home!

Now fill in the form and click the blue ‘submit’ button at the bottom.

    What next?

    Step 4.

    I will be in touch within a few days with a price and, at that stage, you’ll need to e-mail me some photos so start picking out some good ones.  I require four to five good quality digital images of your dog to work from – head shots from different angles preferably.  Remember, the better the images, the better the painting will be – I can only paint what I can see and I want to capture your dog’s unique personality!